Critical success factors in any competitive exam

Competitive exams are tough and therefore to crack these exams, one needs dedication, thorough understanding of the subject and practice. Undivided attention and self-motivation are the basic pillars on which success stands for any competitive exam. Studies reveal that even good students are sometimes unable to perform well at the competitive exams, while the average ones may sail through. So, let’s take a look at some of the critical factors vital for success in competitive exams:

Study, Practice and Analyze:

When it comes to competitive exams such as JEE, where the number of students going to the advanced level is about 15% of the students appeared, one needs to be more focused. The corner stones of success in such competitive exams are “Study, Practice and Analyze”.

On completion of syllabus one must study with focus on relevant preparation and attempt practice tests with defined periodicity that gives an opportunity to work on improvement opportunities that come from the analysis of the test. A good test analysis should be able to guide on:

  • Subject details to focus on, such as sections/chapter and question difficulty levels and a trend of ones subject/section performances over tests that are attempted.
  • Test time management including time to answer a question, number of visits to a question, time taken to decide to skip a question among others
  • Exam Strategy used which will indicate approach adopted to solve the paper like order of subjects, switch between subjects, viewing questions upfront, approach taken when in dilemma etc.

While the JEE Mains test is available in both offline and online modes, these critical inputs would be available when practiced in a computerized/online environment which has the ability to capture these points and present them.

Such analysis combined with improvement plans arrived at, basis discussion of the analysis with ones coach/mentor will help one excel in both formats of the examination.

Time Management: This is one of the crucial factors critical to success. Whether a student is preparing for your exams or appearing for the finals, he/she needs to have proper time management to ensure success. Students need to plan well ahead of the exam the time they would devote to each subject, practice time and time they will devote for answering each question at the exam. Unless a student plans well, he/she may not be able to do justice to all the subjects..

Most students wonder how to prepare for IIT JEE or other competitive exams and they need to know that along with hard work, smart work is also necessary. Students need to work out a schedule so that they can divide the hours according to the number of subjects. Students should keep separate hours for revision and also studying fresh topics. But taking breaks in between is also equally important, so while working out the routine one needs to keep at least 10 minutes between subjects so that the brain gets some time to relax and get ready for the fresh installment of study. Writing along with memorizing can help students get better results.

 De-Stress, Rest and Relax: Remember the phrase “All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy”? Mind and body needs to unwind and relax. Taking up continuous study pressure or keeping up long hours can actually have a negative impact on your performance. So, students must plan well, study well and take breaks. Going for a stroll, taking a small tea or coffee break, or simply closing eyes and relaxing…These small breaks will actually refresh tired minds and helps to focus better.

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